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The Nina Nguyen Designs line is created to be stacked and layered in a mix-and-match style. The affordability, as well as the way the pieces work together, makes it easy to collect multiple pieces. Nina Nguyen’s current collection includes over 500 SKUs, set in solid 18 karat gold, vermeil and sterling silver, as well as many in black oxidized silver. We exclusively use recycled gold for our solid 18 karat gold pieces.


Nina’s most popular pieces are the “necklettes,” which are long beaded styles that can be worn as a single-strand necklace, a short layered necklace, or as a wrap bracelet. These pieces pair perfectly with handmade layering chains and they stack together beautifully with our hinged bangles which are available in four sizes. Recently, Nina Nguyen launched a collection of interchangeable earrings that has been very well received. Nina expanded on the assortment of this earring system with the addition of many more gemstones and hand-hammered texture styles. Delicate stackable rings, available in 18 karat gold and sterling silver, round out the collection.


The Nina Nguyen collection is all about quality and versatility. Everyday pieces can be stacked together to create bold, dramatic looks allowing each woman to express her own sense of style.