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Richard’s Jewelry embraces 21st century technology with the addition of our Laser Welder! We are currently the only jeweler in the area that offers this capability. Our repair department can handle the repairs that many other jewelers may say they could not. We are capable of working with a variety of metals including, gold, platinum & sterling silver.

Below is a list of our complete in-house repair services.

In addition to our list of repair services, we also offer the following services:

What is Laser Welding

Laser Welding is the ability to weld metals using amplified light as the source to produce the weld. Laser Welding uses a specific wave length of light to accomplish the welding process. This light is concentrated, adjusted and controlled by the jeweler (much in the same way as he would control and adjust the flame of a soldering torch. However, laser welding is faster, cleaner and more cost effective for many manufacturing and repair problems.

Jewelry Care

To avoid damage to your precious jewelry, always follow the following guidelines:

General Jewelry Care:

Stones that are Safe for Store Bought “At Home Jewelry Cleaner":

Pearl Care

Please Remember:  When in doubt, do not clean the jewelry yourself. Always bring it to a jewelry professional!